About Me

Myself Divya Vaibhav Gaikwad, am contesting 2015 NMMC election from newly formed Ward No. 64- consisting of Sector 1A, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8, Vashi. Since it has become a Female Reserved Seat or LADIES WARD, I get the opportunity to contest the seat.

In April 2011, the Maharashtra Assembly unanimously approved 50 per cent reservation for women in local bodies. The government promised reservation for women in elections to Panchayat Samitis, Zilla Parishads, Municipal Councils and Municipal Corporations in the State. Thus paving way for more women representation in the state politics. India is home to equal opportunities for both men & women and gender equality has become the cornerstone to our growth in as a society. You would know my husband Mr. Vaibhav Gaikwad as Corporator who is known for his sincere work in Ward no. 53. The people of the ward has given him confidence and indispensable support in all his endeavors now I look forward to continue the good work he has done.

I am an Arts Post Graduate from Mumbai University with an MBA in Business Administration. I was resident of Sector 6/B Type in the year 1997, then shifted to Sector 8 in 2003 & presently residing in Angarika Apsrtments, Sector 4, Vashi since 2008. Till the year 2014, I have been giving free tuitions to students from & around Sector 3 to 8 for Standard one to nine.

I believe that given an opportunity women can and will do as good as men in any job entrusted with. I wish to take up the challenge in the right spirit of commitment, hard work and sincerity in delivering the best possible in any and all the responsibility that goes with post. I need your blessings and support to strengthen me in my endeavor to face new experiences and challenges. With your wholehearted participation, teamwork, support & cooperation I am confident of delivering what my husband Mr. Vaibhav Gaikwad has been doing for last 5 years - ‘sustainable development’ works.

Given a chance, I will do my best to make a positive experience for you individually and all the residents collectively. Again, I look forward to working in partnership with you through the years to come and I am confident that together with your support, blessing & encouragement we can excel in all our future challenges.

If you have any questions / suggestions now or in the future, feel free to contact me on my Toll Free number 1800-212-212-7 at the C2/6/0:1 Angarika Apartments, Ground Floor, email or on my social media platforms.

Once again wishing you and your family ‘Happy & Healthy Year Ahead’ I sign off…to meet you soon personally.

Always at your sincere service